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$20 - Helps provide one child with a watch monitor 

Yearly Donations

The watch monitors will not be available until April.

$50 - Helps provide three children with a watch monitor


Boy     Pittsburgh     12/19/2008 (Age 8)

Kingston is seven years old who lives with his Dad , mom, and baby sister.  He was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was five years old.  King loves to run and play but really enjoys playing mousetrap.  His favorite color is green and he loves to eat lasagna.  When he grows up, Kingston wants to be a Dentist.

$75 - Helps provide four children with a watch monitor



Sponsor Options
Sponsor Options

Other - Your Most Generous Gift

$100 - Helps provide six children with a watch monitor

One Time Gift

Please contact the foundation if you or someone you know has a child in need.

As a sponsor your monthly donations will help provide a child with a seizure alert device, a seizure response dog, or help with medical expenses, which all give hope to a brighter future.